Alina Vergnano

Alina Vergnano (Turin,1989) lives and works in Göteborg, Sweden. She has a bachelor degree in illustration and animation from the European Institute of Design in Turin, Italy. In 2012 she moved to the North of Europe, first to Copenhagen and then to Göteborg where since three years she has her studio and works as a multidisciplinary artist. Alina Vergnano’s artistic practice originates with drawing but is currently focused on the interaction between different medias as sculpture, video-installation, printmaking, drawing and painting. Her body of work explores different surfaces and materials but it also stretches on different scales, from a very small piece of paper to extremely big wall surfaces. Her latest works are suspended between figuration and abstraction where memory and time, the body and the inner side of the human-being are the most influent themes. Since 2012 her work has been exhibited in galleries and public art festivals in different countries in Europe and Asia, including Sweden, Italy, Germany, Denmark, France, India and Taiwan. Her latest solo show was at Susanne Petterson Gallery in Stockholm.